“Pogba is a disgrace for not passing the ball back to his goalie 20 times a game,” says Souness


Souness claimed that Pogba should be ashamed of himself for not constantly passing the ball back to his goalkeeper.

Claiming it was yet another sign that the world’s most expensive player will never attain greatness, Graeme Souness has today called Paul Pogba a disgrace for not passing the ball back to his own goalkeeper 20 times per game.

Responding to claims by fellow commentators and pundits that Pogba should be pleased with his first season back at Old Trafford, the former Liverpool player insisted that the French midfielder should be ashamed of himself for, among other things, refusing to turn around during attacks and send the ball 60 yards back to his number one.

“I don’t see him doing enough things, you spend that kind of money to make a difference in the big games. I don’t see him this season changing any of the big games because of the ‘brilliance’ he’s shown,” said Souness, adding that a club of Manchester United’s size should expect more from its big stars.

“He’s always running around, dodging tackles, linking up with his teammates and moving forward. But do you ever see him receive the ball, ignore players in front of him, signal to his goalkeeper and launch a long ball half way down the pitch? No, you don’t. He has the opportunity to do it all the time and he just looks for a way into the opposition box instead. It’s a bloody disgrace.”

Souness went on to say that while Pogba has a lot to learn, if he shows a greater willingness to utterly kill games in future he may still have a chance of becoming world class.