“I stake my entire, impeccable reputation on Ronaldo to United rumours,” says Duncan Castles with straight face


Duncan Castles reportedly said without a hint of sarcasm that he would put his perfect reputation on the line for his story.

Reportedly maintaining a serious demeanour and straight face throughout the discussion, Duncan Castles today revealed that he will stake his entire reputation on the rumours linking Cristiano Ronaldo with a return to Manchester United.

Speaking after reporting that the Portuguese forward is seriously interested in a move back to Old Trafford, the Scottish journalist stated that he was willing to put his whole life’s work on the line with regards to the deal.

“People may doubt me and say that it won’t happen or that it’s unrealistic, but I am more than willing to stake my impeccable reputation on this happening,” said Castles today, in a statement witnesses say was uttered without even the slightest hint of sarcasm or self-deprecating humour, adding that after years of building up trust with his audience he would be a fool to throw it away.

“As a football journalist who is trusted across the world for his journalistic integrity, I would be nothing without my name and reputation. There is no way I would put my stellar name on the line for anything other than gold standard, iron-clad fact. That is how confident I am about this story.”

Castles later went on to say that he also stands by an article set to be published tomorrow, listing Jorge Mendes and Jose Mourinho as the two most handsome and ethical men in football today.