‪Mail Online football writer proud his publication’s brand of racism is different from print version‬

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Mail Online football writer Earnest Skin is proud of how different their racism is from the print version.

Saying that the distinction was testament to the integrity and independence of his employers and colleagues, a football writer for the Mail Online today beamed with pride at the fact his publication’s brand of racism is different from the print version of the Daily Mail.

Speaking after sitting down to read the Daily Mail’s editorial – in which it vehemently denied that Mail Online is the same entity as the Daily Mail – writer Earnest Skin revealed that he has always been proud of the difference between the two publication’s style of racism.

“I’ve been here for a number of years now and in that time we’ve really come into our own with racism. People may say we’re the same but it’s not true. Before we used to recycle the print version’s racism but now we’re just as bad as them in our own right,” said Skin today, adding that while the newspaper tends to use racism to prey on stupid people’s fears, the online version prefers to shame famous people of colour such as Raheem Sterling, Memphis Depay and Romelu Lukaku, or simply laypeople.

“Whether you like it or not, it’s the modern day now, and attention spans are short. We know that if we want to hook people in we have to hit them with some unashamed racism right off the bat. You can’t rely on them reading 10 lines in for the first overtly racist sentence.”

Skin went on to say that, as a man who hates and is scared of women in equal measure, he is also proud of the Mail Online’s coverage of what he calls “bitches”.