Naive Liverpool fan unaware he mere days away from heartbreak over Naby Keita transfer

keita liverpool

Liverpool fan Owen Cramp is on the verge of heartache over the club’s pursuit of Naby Keita, say friends.

Describing the man’s mood as “carelessly buoyant”, friends of Oliver Cramp today revealed that the naive Liverpool fan is unaware that he is mere days away from more transfer heartache in the form of Naby Keita.

Speaking after reports emerged that the Guinea international was seeking to leave Red Bull Leipzig, sources close to the 25-year-old Reds fan admitted they were worried about the inevitable pain he would soon experience.

“As soon as Oliver read the news about this Keita guy wanting to leave his club, you could see his brain going into overdrive,” said one friend, adding that the tell-tale signs were all there, including Cramp changing his Twitter name to “NabyDaddy” and the sudden transformation of his disposition to one of bright and cheery delight.

“Eventually, you can see these things a mile off. Once in a while is okay, but we’ve seen it with Dahoud and we’re also seeing it with Mbappe. Nine times out of 10 these things end the same way, with the player going to Dortmund or staying at their club. It’s sad to watch.”

Cramp’s friend added that while he and the fan’s family would love to stage an intervention, they’re aware that the best course of action is to just let actions run their course.

“We’d love to help him, but we know it’s no use. Over time we realised that he’ll always turn into delusional fool as soon as the transfer window opens. All we can is be there for him when the time comes.”