Ronaldo proud to surpass Messi with birth of second and third child

Cristiano Ronaldo today expressed pride at surpassing rival Lionel Messi after the both of his twins today. 

The Portuguese striker had previously been one child down to his Argentinian counterpart prior to the birth of Ronaldo’s second and third, and the Real Madrid star this afternoon admitted his relief at having finally created a bit of breathing space in the standings. 

“I am so happy to be able to welcome these beautiful children into the world. Having children is a blessing, but the real victory is knowing that I have overtaken Messi and proven once again that I truly am the most prolific and fertile striker on earth,” said Ronaldo earlier today while holding his sons, named Cristiano Junior Junior and Cristiano Junior Junior Junior. 

“I work hard every day and just get on with things. And I must admit it was tough seeing him have two and take the lead. But it’s moments like this – when you can look around and really savour your success over your rivals – that make it all worthwhile.”

At press time, Ronaldo stated that while he will bask in the glow of victory for a short time, he will be out acquiring new children before too long.