The Sun praises Hillsborough campaigners for “unwavering strength” in face of prejudices of The Sun


Describing their 28 year pursuit of justice as “bravery personified”, The Sun today praised the Hillsborough campaigners for not giving up the fight against the prejudices of writers and columnists working for The Sun.

In an article published after the confirmation that six police officers involved in the tragic events of April 15, 1989 would face charges of manslaughter of 95 people, the newspaper lauded the tireless work of campaigners for spending close to three decades fighting back against those who wished to silence them.

“These brave and committed souls did what many of us would struggle to do: keep fighting. Even when we claimed it was their fault that it happened, even when we continued to belittle their city and their cause, they never gave up,” read The Sun article, adding that a vast quantity of the population could learn a lot from the campaigners’ reaction to the institutional corruption which was publicly back by a major national newspaper.

“They did not waver, they pursued justice. And even when we left the historic news of the inquest’s findings that the 96 people had in fact died unlawfully – as campaigners had said all along – they pushed on regardless. Many have fallen in the face of our horrific agenda, but they did not, and for that they should be commended.”

Despite the impending court cases, The Sun later stressed that nothing would stop them attempt to sully the memory of those poor souls lost during the tragedy.