“Let’s give Russia a chance over World Cup,” says journalist put up in five-star hotel by Russian Ministry of Sport


Morgan Dingle has suggested from his luxury hotel room that the world give Russia a chance with the World Cup.

Saying that we may all have been a little hasty in our criticism of the country, a football journalist currently being put up in a five-star hotel by the Russian Ministry of Sport during the Confederations Cup has stated that we should give Russia a chance with the World Cup.

Writing from his luxury hotel room supplied by the country’s sporting governing body, tabloid writer Morgan Dingle has warned that the footballing world should wait before judging the super power on its ability to host a major tournament.

“Yes, Russia has some problems – like every other country in the world – but we should give them a chance to show us what they’ve got. Let’s not allow rumours of slavery to overshadow what could be a great tournament,” said Dingle from the balcony of his Kazan hotel room.

“Very few World Cups are organised ethically, so I fail to see why we should point the finger at Russia for their actions. Perhaps we should just enjoy the game and give them the benefit of the doubt.”

The writer later went on to reassure LGBTQ people that they face no risk in the extremely traditional country by revealing that he had walked down the street in a pink shirt and faced barely any homophobic abuse.