“You can’t write about football if you haven’t played the game,” says man with no football or journalism experience


Gumm, a man with no football or writing experience, claims you can’t write about football if you haven’t played the game.






Insisting that it remains impossible to take an opinion seriously without the requisite history and reputation in the game, a man with no journalism experience today claimed that people shouldn’t be allowed to write about football unless they have played the game.

Passionately laying out guidelines for a profession in which he has never worked, football supporter Mark Gumm claimed today that at the very least a short career in football should be required before someone can write about the game.

“You see all these writers talking about the game, saying managers and players should do this or that, but they have absolutely no experience of it themselves. How can we take them seriously?” pondered the man who has never played a sport in his life and whose sole experience of writing in the last 20 years is signing postal deliveries and sending text messages.

“When someone has no practical history of what they’re talking about how can you possibly listen to their opinion? They should have at least had a youth career, but the majority sadly don’t. They’re just talking out of their asses.”

Gumm went on to say that while he has never played football competitively, his opinion still matters because he is a “true fan”.