‪Man feels cheated that jersey he bought doesn’t look as good on him as on exceptionally fit and sculpted footballer

A local man was today left feeling cheated after the replica jersey he bought didn’t look anywhere near as good on him as it did on the exceptionally fit and sculpted footballers he saw modeling it.

Speaking today, Arsenal fan Rhys Crack revealed that upon trying on his new purchase he was horrified to discover that it had a lifeless fit that exposed the fat around his stomach, a world away from the taute and muscular fit of the men that had prompted him to buy it in the first place. 

“I feel really let down to be honest. The jersey looked great on Sanchez and Ozil, and Giroud looked a like a god. I however look like a chubby prick. Puma should be ashamed of themselves,” said the 32-year-old writer today, adding that he was considering bringing a suit of false advertising against the sportswear brand. 

“When you purchase clothing you expect it to look a certain way. If I’d known it was going to look like this I wouldn’t have bothered getting it.”

Crack went on to say that he particularly regrets buying the kit’s matching shorts and socks, which he admits makes him look like an “overgrown toddler”.