‪Adult man’s biggest contribution to world is Twitter account named @LukakuRelated‬

With close to 5,000 followers and a daily reach of 7,000, sources close to adult man Ian Begley today confirmed that his greatest life achievement is a Twitter account named @LukakuRelated. 

Speaking today, friends and family members of the 28-year-old remarked of a mix of both pity and slight pride at what will likely be Begley’s biggest contribution to the world. 

“Ian is nearly 30 and, honestly, that Twitter account is the most he’s ever done. He’s very proud of it and spends almost every hour of the day on it. No job, no kids, just thousands of tweets calling people sex offenders. We’re happy for him but still, it’s a little sad,” said Begley’s sister Rachel, adding that her brother’s persistence tweets including the word “nonce” were particularly difficult to accept. 

“I mean, I guess the growth of the account is somewhat impressive. He’s gone from no followers to 4,812 in the space of five years is something. Although he has tweeted nearly 200,000 times so that kinda puts it into perspective.”

At press time, Begley’s mother said that while she has given up on her son ever achieving anything professionally or personally, she does hope that his account can one day break 10,000 followers.