Arsenal fan admits he’ll miss not fully understanding how he feels about Wojciech Szczesny


The Arsenal fan said he’ll miss being unsure whether Szczesny is good or utterly crap.

An upset Arsenal fan today admitted that he’ll miss not fully understanding exactly how he feels about Wojciech Szczesny, as the goalkeeper officially departs the club on a permanent basis.

Speaking shortly after confirmation was made of the Polish international’s move to Juventus, Gunners supporters Hugh Reemer revealed that he’ll be sad to say goodbye to a player who, after 8 years at the Emirates, he is still unsure is actually any good.

“It’s weird, saying goodbye to someone who has been with the club for such a long time. Even though he’s been on loan for the last two year, it’ll still be odd not knowing whether I think he’s a liability or the best keeper at the club,” said the 37-year-old bank manager, adding that he doesn’t who at the club will, if anyone, will be capable of stepping up and filling Szczesny’s role.

“He was really a once-in-a-generation kind of footballer. One who, in my heart, is just great but actually, on the pitch, can be so bad he makes your eyes bleed. I’ll miss him, and I think other Arsenal fans will too.”