‪Barcelona report PSG for lack of dodgy tax arrangements in Neymar deal‬

Saying that their conduct showed flagrant disregard for the codes of conduct within the game, Barcelona today reported Paris Saint-Germain to UEFA over the lack of dodgy tax arrangements in the Parisien club's deal to sign Neymar.

The French side, who are currently managed by Unai Emery, have been strongly linked with a move for the Brazilian forward, who is said to be keen on a move away from the Camp Nou.

While Barcelona are willing to allow the former Santos man to leave for the right price, the club's hierarchy is said to be furious at attempts by PSG to force through a move without a single backhander or deposit to an offshore account.

"This is modern football, and as such we aware that past traditions are not always upheld. But the behaviour shown during this deal is a spit in the face to all upstanding people working within the football community," said a club official tonight, adding that the Ligue 1 team failed to offer a single brown envelope throughout negotiations despite numerous hints and chances to do so.

"Occasionally teams behave poorly but this is beyond the pale. PSG seem to think that they can not only take our player, but do so without a single illegal payment. Their disrespect has been hideous and we're confident that the authorities will see it in a similar light."