Man Utd fan more upset over Tinder shirt sponsorship than potential signing of homophobic right-back


United fan Lance Squid believes the new Tinder deal – rather than their signing of Aurier – shows the “game has gone mad”.

Describing the new business partnership as yet another nail in the coffin of the sport and team he loves, sources close to a Manchester United fan today revealed that he is far more upset of the side’s sponsorship deal with Tinder than he is over their potential signing of a new, homophobic right-back.

Speaking shortly after it emerged that the Premier League club would be signing a £12 million-per-season deal to allow the dating app’s logo on their sleeves, supporter Lance Squid reportedly claimed that the agreement – rather than the club’s proposed signing of homophobic Frenchman Serge Aurier – was proof that the “game [had] gone mad”.

“Is nothing sacred anymore? Just as things were looking good for the new season, this has to happen,” said the man whose only musings on Aurier were whether he’d be able to supplant Antonio Valencia, as opposed to any critical analysis of his use of the word “fag” when criticising Laurent Blanc and Zlatan Ibrahimovic a number of years ago.

“This club continues to run its own reputation through the mud with dodgy deals like this. We used to stand for something, now we’re willing to sign a deal with anything,” he added, again referring to Tinder and not the man who has displayed public prejudice against a group of regularly discriminated-against people.

Squid went on to say that he may forced reconsider his support of the club if it continues its policy of making embarrassing business deals, instead of focussing on signing proper, hardworking and talented homophobes.