‪Barcelona anger at Neymar deal barely audible over laughing of every other club in Europe, says report

According to numerous reports emerging from the Catalan capital, Barcelona’s anger at Neymar’s proposed move to PSG is barely audible over the sound of laughing from every other club in Europe.

The Brazilian international continues to inch closer to a transfer to the Parisian side, a move which has infuriated the hierarchy at the Camp Nou over what they perceive as improprieties and inherent unfairness in dealing with a club which is essentially owned by a state.

However, despite the widespread annoyance and loud howls of anger within the team’s stadium, reports around Europe say that the sound of fury is being utterly drowned out by the sounds of jeers and taunting coming from every corner of the continent.

“Whether it’s from clubs who have had this done to them by Barcelona, or merely smaller clubs enjoying a rare moment of schadenfreude, the anger from the club is being completed masked by the record breaking levels of laughter from elsewhere,” said a report by leading European meteorologists this afternoon.

“On a normal day, the anguish being emitted from the Camp Nou would be heard as far as Moscow, but honestly, today, all you can hear when you open your window is back slaps and uncontrollable laughter.”

At press time, reports suggested that the ongoing laughter would likely continue for a minimum of months and possibly years to come.