Robbie Savage glad to have another intellectual on board as Frank Lampard joins BT Sport

Robbie Savage today welcomed new pundit and colleague Frank Lampard to BT Sport and admitted that he is glad to have another intellectual on board at the television channel.

Former Chelsea and Manchester City midfielder Lampard was confirmed as the latest addition to BT Sport, joining the likes of Savage, Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes and Steven Gerrard on the station’s punditry team.

Speaking shortly after confirmation of the appointment, Savage revealed that he believes the inclusion of Lampard will relieve him of some of the pressure he previously felt as the only member of the intelligentsia on the team.

“First of all, I’m delighted to have Frank here because he’s a great lad and he really knows his football. But mostly, it’ll just be great to have someone here who can help shoulder the intellectual burden here at BT,” said Savage today, adding that during previous seasons he often felt like he was the only exceptionally intelligent person working for the broadcaster, something he feels might change with Lampard’s hiring.

“Sometimes in the past we’d be chatting – both on and off air – and I felt he need to dumb things down for the boys. I couldn’t go comparing the title race to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, because the lads would be lost. Hopefully now I can start being myself a bit more and leave the idiocy to them.”

Savage also went on to say that he hopes Lampard’s addition will bring an end to the “ghastly banter” at BT, which he considers “low brow” and “beneath everyone”.