Jimmy Bullard and sentient brain of Tim Lovejoy in a jar announced as new Soccer AM presenters


In a move its producers believe will inject new life into the show, it was announced today that Jimmy Bullard and the sentient brain of Tim Lovejoy in a jar will be the new hosts of Soccer AM.

Replacing Helen Lovejoy, who left the show at the end of last season after two decades as host, Bullard and Lovejoy's brain will front the Saturday morning show for the new season and possibly beyond.

Speaking today, producer Ramsey Lint said the addition of Bullard, combined with the return of fan favourite Lovejoy's glowing cerebrum, illustrate the show's commitment to entertainment.

"It's a new season, and we needed a new look. In Jimmy, a funny and charming man with experience of football, and the cerebral matter of a pro like Tim, we feel we have the perfect combination of banter and comedy to propel Soccer AM to new highs," said Lint, adding that it was especially nice to have Lovejoy's intelligence and wit back in the form of his throbbing, jar-confined brain.

"Ever since Tim left it sort of felt like things weren't the same. So we feel that this change will not only bring back old fans but also introduce new supporters to his razor sharp mind."

At press time, Lovejoy's brain welcomed the news by reverberating lightly before saying something about tits.