“He could learn a thing or two from Phil Jagielka,” says Moyes on Paul Pogba

Saying that the Frenchman had done little so far to suggest he has what it takes to compete at the highest level, David Moyes today suggested that Paul Pogba “could learn a thing or two” from Phil Jagielka.

Speaking to ESPN about his former side’s chances ahead of the new season, Moyes said that while Pogba is undoubtedly talented, he will fail to reach the upper echelons of his sport without first studying tapes of the Everton centre-back.

“Look, he’s a good player, no question. But you have to ask yourself if he’ll make the difference in big games I don’t know if he will, to be honest. If I was his manager I’d have him watching and learning from Jags, that’d sort it out,” said the Scot during the interview, adding that Pogba would see an almost immediate improvement if he was to follow his advice.

“I’d have him watching tapes, watching his movement and his leadership. Watch the way he takes command of games and the manner in which he steps up to the plate. It worked for Vidic, and I’m certain it’ll work for Pogba too.”

Moyes went on to say that the entire Manchester United team could benefit from studying the former Sheffield United defender, as well as taking a look at increasing the number of crosses they execute each game.