“Even Antonio Conte couldn’t have kept Sunderland up if he was as bad as me,” says Moyes

David Moyes has made the sensational claim that even Chelsea manager Antonio Conte would have failed to keep Sunderland in the Premier League last season if the Italian was as bad a manager as him.

Moyes’ former side finished rock bottom of the top flight last season, while Conte’s Chelsea won the league convincingly, but the former Manchester United manager believes his Italian counterpart would also have faltered if he had the same low level of professional proficiency.

“I made a poor decision to join Sunderland, perhaps I shouldn’t have done so in the first place. But looking back at the entire season as whole, I believe that even a coach as skilled as Conte would have been relegated if he was as bad at his job as I am,” said the Scot today, adding that Conte would have especially struggled if he possessed the same appalling social skills and utter inability to motivate adult human beings to feel any emotion beyond apathy.

“Yes, he’s guided Juventus and Chelsea to domestic success, and I wouldn’t try and belittle those achievements. But I’ll tell you this, if he was as devoid of tactical inspiration and knowledge as me, and was as riddled with self-pity and bitterness as I am, he’d have brought them down too. And there’s no chance he’d have gotten away with verbally abusing that reporter if he was as much of a twat as I am.”

Moyes later went on to say that Conte would also have struggled to find work after his spell in Turin if he inspired as little faith and optimism as Moyes himself does.