Twitter betting accounts announce intention to invoke “banter defence” in fraud case

Saying that they’re confident the matter will soon be brought to an end in court, a host of Twitter betting accounts today announced through their legal team that they will invoke the “banter defence” during any and all court proceedings brought about in any fraud case against them.

The announcement by the group of accounts including Footy Accums and Banter Bet Bastards (BBB) stated that while they take all accusations of fraud seriously, they remain confident that their defence – that the entire case is merely “banter” – will see them succeed in court.

“We reject these accusations against our clients and will fight them vehemently in a court of law. We are confident that – using the famed ‘banter defence’ – our clients will walk free and be allowed to do business as usual,” said a member of the accounts’ legal team, adding that even the best banter merchants occasionally fall foul of the “PC brigade”.

“Simply put, it was banter. My clients were having the bantz and someone was unhappy. As we are all aware, anything constituted as ‘banter’ cannot be punished by legal means. In that sense we feel this case is cut and dry. At the very worst this was ‘bad banter’, nothing more, nothing less.”

At press time, a lawyer representing the accounts held aloft a picture of a glamour model holding a sign saying “Free Footy Accums” as evidence of their innocence.