‪Tony Adams wondering how many more insults he has to throw at Wenger before he becomes relevant again ‬

Saying that he was sick and tired of spouting his mouth off without reward, Tony Adams today wondered how many more times he has throw insults at Arsene Wenger before he regains relevance.

Speaking to a tabloid journalist in what was the 17th interview this year in which he criticised his former coach, the former Arsenal captain expressed frustration that he is yet to return to a position of influence within the wider footballing world despite his repeated and vocal bashing of the Frenchman.

“It seems every week I’m out here Arsene Wenger should have gone years ago, that he can’t motivate his players and he’s not a very good trainer. Every week I’m giving you the big scoop, and still no one fucking takes me seriously. People read what I’m saying, websites quote my interviews, and I’m still waiting by the phone. What’s the point of giving out all the time if it gets me nothing in return?” said the former Azerbaijan and Granada coach, adding that it pained him to see “knuckleheads” like Paul Merson on television every day while he is sat at home conducting pretend interviews with cardboard cut-outs of Premier League managers.

“I really don’t get it, to be honest. Merson can barely string a bloody sentence together and he’s a star on Sky. Here I am, as intelligent as an ex-pro can be, and my entire career is based on slagging off one man. I swear, I’ve only got about three or four years of this left in me before I pack the whole media thing in altogether.”

At press time, Adams had regained a new sense of optimism after deciding that criticising his former teammates – as well as Wenger – might well be his ticket back to the big time.