“It’s Ederson’s fault for having a head,” says Liverpool fan on Mane tackle

Saying that the behaviour of the Brazilian goalkeeper was “irresponsible at best”, a Liverpool fan today that Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson’s injury this afternoon was his own fault for having a head.

The former Benfica keeper was stretchered off and tested for facial and jaw injuries after being kicked in the head by Liverpool forward Sadio Mane, who was subsequently shown a red card for dangerous play.

Rather than blame Mane though, Reds supporter James Fulcrum believes that the blame should lay with Ederson for foolishly possessing a head that sits firmly upon his shoulders.

“It was never a red at all. Mane was going for the ball. If the ref had any sense at all he’d realise it was Ederson’s fault having a head and trying to use it to clear the ball at a regular height,” said Fulcrum, adding that if Ederson didn’t have a head he would have escaped injury and Mane his sending off.

“If he didn’t have that head sticking out all awkwardly there Mane would’ve got the ball cleanly and Ederson wouldn’t be injured. He really only has himself to blame.”

The fan went on to say that while he’d like to think the red card will be overturned, he doesn’t believe the Premier League’s anti-Liverpool conspiracy will allow it.