“He’s still a dirty foreigner,” says Merson on Marco Silva success


Despite Silva’s success, Merson insisted that people should still remember that he’s a foreigner.

Saying that it was important to have all the facts in mind before the fanfare got out of hand, Paul Merson reminded everyone today that Marco Silva is still a dirty foreigner despite his success in England.

Speaking after yet another win continued Silva’s unbeaten start to the season with Watford, Merson insisted that it was vital the public remembered that Silva wasn’t actually born in England before praising him too much.

“That’s all I’m saying. We shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. He’s done alright for a foreigner but no one can deny that he is exactly that: a dirty foreigner who doesn’t belong here,” said the Sky Sports pundit today, adding – in fewer words – that it is a damning indictment of the British media that so few people even bother mentioning that Silva is from another country.

“I’ve nothing against the guy – and I don’t even really mind that he’s foreign all that much – but let’s not pretend it’s not true. Does he really know England? Does he know about fish and chips and Porridge? About the Queen Mum for God’s sake? Because I don’t think he does. It’s a joke and something Watford should consider looking into.”

Merson went on to say that question marks will remain over Silva and his career until he addresses the fact that he is a dirty foreigner.