“Ederson’s skull is soft ‘cos he’s been drinking foreign milk,” says Tony Gale

Saying that it’s a wonder he didn’t hurt himself sooner, Sky Sports News pundit Tony Gale has today claimed that Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson was injured at the weekend due to his skull being soft from drinking foreign milk.

Ederson, who moved to City from Benfica during the summer, was stretchered off during his side’s 5-0 victory against Liverpool on Saturday after being kicked in the face by Sadio Mane.

Gale, who was highly critical of the Brazilian goalkeeper’s decision to lie on the ground after being hit directly in the side of the face by an athlete running at full speed, has rejected suggestions that Mane acted dangerously and instead blamed Ederson’s lack of British milk consumption as the main reason for his soft skull.

“You can tell he’s a foreign right there and then. Back in my day lads would have their heads kicked every minute and keep on running into tackles. But now these overseas fellas come in here, drinking no English milk – they prefer this low fat foreign milk instead – and they’re surprised when they get injured,” said the former West Ham and Blackburn player, adding that it’s a shame more foreign players don’t get injuries so as to teach them the value of getting calcium from the United Kingdom’s cows.

“Instead of falling to the ground and getting Mane sent off, he should be getting up, going over to the touchline and getting a drink of proper British milk. He won’t be going down easy after that. But of course he’ll not do that, because like all these soft foreigners, he’s more concerned with his waistline and his cholesterol than being strong on the pitch.”

At press time, Gale suggested that all foreigners be banned from playing in the Premier League until they meet a daily milk intake quota.