Sharapova autobiography reveals pride at all the times she’s bested Serena Williams in her head

Saying that each imaginary victory will live long in her memory, Maria Sharapova’s recently released autobiography has revealed the tennis player’s pride at all the times she has bested Serena Williams in her head.

The Russian athlete’s book – entitled Unstoppable – focuses on a number of elements including her early career, career Grand Slam and personal life.

However, the publication gives special pride of place and extensive coverage to the star’s many successful and hypothetical contests against her American rival.

“I’ve done a lot of great things in my career – winning my first Wimbledon, capturing the Olympic silver medal – but my greatest achievement will always be my 100 per cent record against Serena in my head,” said the 30-year-old in the book, adding that it was particularly satisfying given how much more physically imposing Williams is in her head compared to reality.

“When I think of all the times I’ve faced her in my mind she is seven foot tall which arms three times the size of mine, but I have still persevered and won. It fills me with pride to know that for every occasion she’s defeated me, I’ve defeated her a hundred times more in my dreams. Not many athletes can say that, if any at all.”

Sharapova’s book also discusses her high-profile ban for doping, something she looks back on with humour considering everyone now agrees that she was without fault in any way whatsoever.