Stan Kroenke confident this won’t be Arsenal’s year

Insisting that he had been enthused by the team’s shambolic summer and haphazard start to the season, Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke today expressed his confidence that this won’t be the Gunners’ year.

Speaking ahead of the club’s first Europa League campaign of Arsene Wenger’s reign, the American businessman and sports club owner said that he had seen more than enough to suggest that the side would continue its stunning run of not winning either the league or a European trophy.

“I tried to keep abreast with everything over the summer and have watched a few training sessions this season and I must say, we are not looking good. As an owner nothing fills you with more excitement than seeing your financially-drained team plod through the season while you make a tonne of money, and I fully expect that to continue this season,” said Kroenke, who also owns NBA team Denver Nuggets, NFL franchise LA Rams and NHL side Colorado Avalanche.

“Some people may call me a dreamer but I really believe we won’t win anything, regardless of what competitions we are competing in. I know it’s early days but as the owner of many hugely unsuccessful sides, I know the hallmarks when I see them. It’s really very exciting.”

At press time, Kroenke said that he was adamant his team could continue to tread water as he withdraws money from them for many years to come.