‪Confusion at the Emirates as football supporters make noise, support their team, and appear to enjoy being there‬

Confusion reigned supreme at the Emirates Stadium tonight after thousands of football fans were witnessed making noise, supporting their team and generally appearing to enjoy being there.

Arsenal faced off against German side FC Köln in the Europa League, and horrified sources at the Premier League side’s home ground reported bizarre and widespread scenes of smiling, singing and general happiness throughout the entirety of the 90 minutes.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity after the home side’s 3-1 victory, a witness at the scene recalled seeing as many as 20,000 German supporters behave in a disgusting manner, including standing up, refusing to sulk in their seats during the game and chanting in unison.

“It was awful. We had been warned that things might get a little feisty, but honestly, we never expected anything like this. I’ve genuinely never seen anything like this in all my 25 years in football. They actually think football is about enjoying yourself and not a sadomasochistic exercise in the lessons learned through pain,” said the source, who is believed to be a steward at the stadium.

“They were actually smiling, and laughing together. They sang when they didn’t have the ball, and refused to boo their players, even when they misplaced passes! It was neither the time nor the place for that kind of behaviour. I pray to God that I never see anything like that again.”