‪Telegraph football journalist traumatised by sight of foreign man buying expensive match ticket‬

A journalist for the Telegraph has tonight spoken out about his horror after witnessing a foreign football fan purchase an expensive ticket at a football match.

Writing in his article after Arsenal’s Europa League game against Köln, journalist Julian Bennetts bravely overcame his trauma to describe in detail how at least on dirty German managed to sneak into the Emirates Stadium’s most exclusive seats by paying for them with lawful currency.

“Today football died. Usually a place of manners and eloquent British etiquette, the Emirates was tonight overcome with barbarism from the continent. Not only did they all sing with joy, but I saw one man wearing a Cologne leather jacket casually queuing up for Arsenal’s expensive corporate seats,” said the terrified writer, adding that many of the wild foreigners continued to speak in their mysterious foreign even when they were inside the stadium.

“And let me clarify. This man did not have an English wife. He did not live here. And I’m certain he has no true English blood running through his veins. Nonetheless, he looked as if he actually thought he deserved to be there.”

Bennetts went on to say that while tonight’s scenes will haunt him forever, he remains confident UEFA will clamp down on foreigners as soon as possible.