“Lukaku showed great athleticism, power and rawness with his passing today,” says Danny Murphy

Crediting the striker’s clear physical prowess for what was an impressive performance, pundit Danny Murphy today praised Romelu Lukaku’s use of athleticism, power and rawness with his passing today.

The Belgian striker scored one goal and assisted another during Manchester United’s victory against Everton this evening, and was widely praised for assisting Henrikh Mkhitaryan for the Red Devils’ second goal of their 4-0 win.

“Lukaku had a great game today. Many other players wouldn’t have seen the Armenian running up behind for that second goal, but he used every bit of strength, brutishness and raw power to find his teammate with the pass,” said Murphy of the impressive vision shown by the former Everton striker in setting up his teammate.

“As soon as he saw Mkhitaryan in space he used to his rippling muscles to turn and face him, before opening up his specimen of a body and absolute bashing the ball over to him. It was extremely impressive and showed his physical prowess in all its glory.”

Murphy later went on to say that while Lukaku’s performance was encouraging, it was still dwarfed in comparison to the grace and languid nature of Wayne Rooney’s display.