‪”You can’t say anything these days,” says football fan who mostly wants to say racist and sexist things ‬

A football fan whose main hobbies within the game are casual racism and sexism has railed against what he perceives as the shutting down of free speech within the sport these days.

Speaking in response to two controversial and current cases – one centred around a chant about Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku and the other to do with former England women’s team manager Mark Sampson – supporter, racist and sexist Englishman Bert Mailsun decried the fact that he and people like him can longer say whatever they want.

“Back in my day you could say whatever you want and people knew it was all a laugh, even when it wasn’t. I could tell the wife to stay at home while we went to the football and booed the black lads. It was what football fans did and we liked it that way. But now you can’t do none of that,” said the 51-year-old UKIP member, adding that he can’t even shout “go home and make dinner” to women in stadia anymore without being inundated with abuse himself.

“It’s all gone topsy turvy. This country fought wars so we could be free to do what we like. Now though, you get called a bigot just for saying something about the colour of a player’s skin or suggesting that they’re a criminal because they’re not white. It’s a disgrace.”

Despite his concern for freedom of speech and his anger towards “the thought police”, Mailsun did admit that he is proud to see the good work of “warriors” Alan Brazil and the rest of the talkSPORT team.