Shock as Liverpool draw despite Klopp being both adorable and charming

There was shock across Europe tonight as Liverpool drew against an under strength Spartak Moscow side despite manager Jurgen Klopp being both adorable and charming.

The Champions League match, which took place in the Russian capital this evening, saw the Reds draw 1-1 with their less-fancied opponents who sit 8th in the 16-team Russian Premier League.

According to journalists in attendance, Klopp’s side failed to take advantage of possession but eventually paid for failing to take a number of chances, something that shocked them due to the German’s ability to make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

“We’re struggling to wrap our heads around it, to be honest. Jurgen was so funny beforehand – he made us feel like the only people in the room – and they still couldn’t win. It was a real shock,” said a writer for The Times, adding that the side’s profligacy in front of goal was especially surprising given how confidently and warmly Klopp looks you in the eye when he speaks you.

“When he looks at you, I mean really looks at you, you can sense his jovial nature and true confidence. It rubs off on you too and really it’s like nothing I’ve experienced before. So to see them miss so many good chances was very strange.”

At press time, journalists insisted that despite the poor result Liverpool have every chance of progressing to the next round of the competition due to the fact that “Jurgen is so smart and funny and just dreamy”.