‪“Foreigners are destroying our country,” says Football Lads Alliance member that’s trashed every Spanish city he’s ever been in ‬

Saying that it was a disgrace to see how his nation was fallen apart before his eyes, a Football Lads Alliance member who has trashed every Spanish city he’s ever been in today blamed foreigners for destroying England.

Speaking at a gathering of the FLA in London today, member and football fan Royston Pickle – who alongside his friends and family has brought havoc and violence to a host Spanish coastal cities and towns – hit out at non-nationals for disrupting Britain’s culture.

“Our country is going to hell. We’re letting all these foreigners in and it’s not the country I remember when I was a child. They come over here, hang out among their own and have no intention of accepting our culture,” said the man who regularly engages in fights, refers to Spanish food as “foreign shite” and refuses to eat anything other than English breakfasts, chicken kormas and doner kebabs while in Spain.

“If you’re in another country you have to have respect their culture and their way of life. You can’t just disrupt things because it suits you better. They have to go and they have to go now.”

At press time, Pickle said that he was excited for the next FLA meet up next month, which has been organised to raise awareness about the dangers of incest.