Sky Sports News confirms “breaking news” is actually anything that has happened in the last five days

Revealing that the time had come to own up for their actions, Sky Sports News today confirmed that their “breaking news” reporting actually refers to anything that has happened in the last five days.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, a spokesperson for the sports channel admitted that despite much of their news being labelled as “breaking” over the past two decades, their use of the term in fact pertains to any and all stories released in the last week or so.

“While we used to be the home of breaking news, these days much of what we call ‘breaking news’ comes from days-old BBC reports and – if we’re lucky – tweets from earlier in the day,” said the spokesman, before being briefly interrupted by a breaking report about Harry Redknapp’s sacking by Birmingham.

“We have a host of dedicated viewers who have followed our breaking news for years. Unfortunately we have to admit that we have been misleading those viewers. We vow to do more to improve our reporting speed and deliver you a quicker service than – at the very least – indykaila.”