Premier League confirms all Christmas Eve games will kick off before 12pm Eastern Standard Time

Insisting that they would do all they can to ensure fans enjoy a peaceful and stress-free Christmas, Premier League officials today confirmed that all Christmas Eve games taking place this year will kick off before 12pm Eastern Standard Time.

The league has come in for criticism this week after reports emerged they were considering switching December 23 games to Christmas Eve, with many accusing the top flight’s executives of a lack of concern over supporters and their lives.

However, speaking to media today chief executive Richard Scudamore insisted that they remain committed to providing the most comfortable experience for supporters, and as such would not start any Christmas Eve games before midday in eastern US states, as well as parts of the Caribbean and Central America.

“We at the Premier League care about fans, and we want to ensure that all our supporters in Florida, New York and South Carolina aren’t forced to wake up at an unreasonable hour at such an important time of year to watch their team,” said Scudamore today, adding that the Premier League always prided itself for their consideration with regards to fans and their schedules.

“What good is a match on Christmas Eve if a portion of our American fans are getting up at 6am to watch it? We would never do that, and we hope this gesture illustrates our commitment to supporters and the lives they live.”

At press time, Scudamore also addressed the issue of fans travelling to games, and insisted that the Premier League would do all they could to ensure they’re home in time to watch their children open their presents.