Harry Redknapp somehow accrues £500,000 in unpaid cryptocurrency taxes in less than 24 hours

Harry Redknapp has come in for scrutiny from law enforcement after somehow accruing more than £500,000 in unpaid cryptocurrency taxes in less than 24 hours.

The former West Ham manager became a spokesman for a cryptocurrency company this week, and expressed his excitement for the venture in a tweet on Thursday.

However, according to a Metropolitan Police statement released today, Redknapp’s dealings on online currency site Electroneum have resulted in him failing to declare millions of pounds passed through the platform.

“Our intelligence department were intrigued when we saw Mr. Redknapp had signed up to this new cryptocurrency site. The lack of regulation on online currencies is widely reported and we felt it was appropriate to monitor his behaviour. Saying that, we didn’t really expect to see much,” read the statement, adding that their initial attitude left them in even more shock after discovering Redknapp’s impropriety.

“We knew something was up when we saw that he had been online for six hours straight, but we were shocked when we’d seen that he had failed to declare half a million pounds. It shouldn’t even have been possible to process that much money in such a short amount of time.”

At press time, Redknapp had yet to respond for comment, due to what his agent describes as “an inability to understand mobile phone technology”.