Embarrassed Everton fan ashamed of himself for failing to connect punch in front of his son

The Everton fan who violently attacked Lyon players while holding his child during the Toffees’ Europa League match last night has expressed embarrassment and shame at failing to connect with a punch in front of his son.

The incident, which occurred after Everton fell 2-1 behind to the Ligue 1 side, involved a number of players from both sides, as well as the supporter who has been widely condemned by viewers and pundits.

Speaking amid calls for him to be banned for life from Goodison Park, the man in question has expressed remorse for the incident and has said that he’ll never forgive himself for missing a clear punch in front of his young child.

“First of all, I want to say sorry. I want to say sorry to my family, to myself, but most importantly, to my son. He looks up to me and after this I’m afraid he’ll just see me as some old fool who can’t land a punch. I’m ashamed,” said the supporter today, adding that he blames the combination of decades of deep seated anger and the atmosphere at the match for his wild misguided punch.

“When you throw a punch you simply have to connect, and I’m embarrassed that I missed. But there’s no excuse for what I did, and I can only hope my son doesn’t grow up thinking his old man can’t fight with the best of them. Because I can.”

At press time, the man insisted that if he doesn’t get banned from Goodison Park, he’ll do all he can to prove to his child that he’s able to land a quality punch in high-pressure situations.