“Where does this end?” asks Richard Keys on epidemic of highly-qualified foreign coaches getting jobs they deserve

Richard Keys has today hit out at the epidemic of highly-qualified foreign coaches getting jobs they deserve in Britain, a trend he believes has gone too far.

Speaking after Leicester City’s appointment of Frenchman Claude Puel, the Qatar-based journalist warned that the United Kingdom will soon be inundated with intelligent, erudite and qualified coaches from overseas if authorities don’t take action now.

Keys reacted angrily to the news on Twitter, and lamented what he perceives as “British football signing its own death warrant” due to its desire of clubs to hire talented people from outside of Britain.

“Take Leicester for example. They’ve sacked a fine Englishman in Craig Shakespeare just because he’s in the bottom three and not winning matches. Do you think they’d give a chance to lads like David Moyes or Tim Sherwood who actually know football? Of course not, they go for the foreigner who’s won a league title, it’s a disgrace,” said the former Sky Sports broadcaster, adding that if British football doesn’t halt it current trend the game may be unrecognisable in the near future.

“Yeah, it might only be Premier League and the Championship at the moment. But if we’re not careful we’re going to have young inquisitive coaches who speak more than one language fluently coming over and teaching new things to League 2 players in a couple of years. We can’t let that happen.”

At press time, Keys sent an open invitation to British coaches being discriminated against in their own country, and insisted that there will always be a job for them at beIN Sports.