“He finally got what he deserved,” says Liverpool fan at sacking of man racially abused by club’s former player

Saying that it was simply nice to see someone served justice eventually, a Liverpool fan today welcomed Patrice Evra’s sacking by Marseille and insisted that the ex-Manchester United player who was racially abused by former Liverpool forward years ago “finally got what he deserved”.

Speaking days after the former France international had his contract with the Ligue 1 club cancelled over a violent interaction with a supporter, Reds fan Arnold Randolph admitted that it was a relief to see the victim of Luis Suarez’ racism finally get his comeuppance.

“When I saw he’d gotten sacked I was delighted. Ever since that day he had the cheek to get racially abused by Suarez – and complain about it – I knew he’d get what’s coming to him, and I’m so glad it’s finally happened,” said Randolph, adding that while he had often grown frustrated over the years, he retained belief that karma would one day come back to punish Evra for having the temerity to be on the receiving end of his favourite player’s racist diatribe.

“If there was any justice in the world he would have been sacked the minute he grassed up Suarez, but revenge is sweet and I’m just glad it’s finally happened. I can only imagine how delighted Suarez must be.”