“Pulis sacking shows British managers aren’t being given the chance to fail anymore,” says Richard Keys

Saying that it was yet another example of discrimination against “the world’s most under-fire minority”, Richard Keys today hit out at Tony Pulis’ sacking at West Brom and claimed that it was evidence of the fact that British managers are no longer being given the chance to fail.

Speaking on beIN Sports hours after the former Stoke City manager was relieved of his duties at the Hawthorns, Keys and co-pundit Andy Gray bemoaned the increasing lack of opportunities being afforded to English coaches to fall well below the standards of acceptable performance.

“I feel like every week we’re having the same conversation, but yet again here we are: another case of a foreign-owned club not allowing a hard-working British manager to take the team down. His team haven’t performed well, but they’ve got passion. But does that count for anything? Not a chance. The entire situation is gone mad,” said Keys, adding that Pulis’ situation is symptomatic of a trend in English football which has seen teams opt for foreign talent rather than stick with and fail alongside British coaches.

“At some point you’ve got to get your priorities right. Here, you’ve got proper football man who knows his stuff and knows the game like the back of his hand, but just because he’s not meeting targets he’s out the door? They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Despite his anger, Keys stated that Pulis would always be welcome in the beIN Sports studio to offer his own feelings on why employees thousands of miles away are having their career prospects ruined by foreigners.