“Man Utd should be ashamed of themselves for scoring two more goals than us and having a world class keeper,” says furious Arsenal fan

Describing the opposition’s approach as pathetic and backward, a furious Arsenal fan today hit out at Manchester United after his side’s defeat, insisting that the club should be ashamed of themselves for scoring two more goals and having a world class goalkeeper.

Speaking after the Gunners’ 3-1 defeat to Jose Mourinho’s team, Arsenal supporter Dalton Townsend said that all the gloating Red Devils fans out there should remember that the only his team lost was because they scored fewer goals, the profligacy of the players and the overwhelming quality of David De Gea.

“Personally, I think Man Utd should feel ashamed. They came into this game, got absolutely battered by a better team and only emerged victorious because they finished the game with two more goals than us. We were the better team during the times when they weren’t scoring their three goals but still came out with nothing. It’s simply not right,” said Townsend, before suggesting that the game would have ended very differently under alternative circumstances.

“All I’m saying is that if we’d had Messi out there and United had Rob Green in goal the result would’ve been very different. But no, because they have De Gea in goals they end up winning. It’s a joke and makes a farce of our sport.”

At press time, Townsend suggested that the Premier League should look into retrospectively awarding Arsenal two potential penalties they were denied during the game and, if possible, an extra goal on account of their high xG.