“Come back to me when you’ve managed for 20 years without winning a major trophy,” says Sam Allarydce to Marco Silva as feud continues

Saying that it was very easy to talk but much harder to actually prove it, Sam Allardyce today continued his feud with Marco Silva by telling the Portuguese coach to “come back to [him] when [he’s] managed for 20 years without winning a major trophy”.

The Everton and Watford managers have been engaged in a war of words for a number of days, after Allardyce reacted angrily to claims that Silva had been the Liverpool club’s first choice to take over from Ronald Koeman.

And this feud looks set to rage on after the 63-year-old former England manager informed the 40-year-old former Hull City coach that it would take a number of decades and zero major accomplishments before they could be compared as equals.

“I’ve been in this game a long, long time and I’ve seen a lot of things. I’ve experienced some lows, plenty of highs and made it through plenty of tough times. If this little up-start Silva thinks he can go head-to-head with me I’d say this: wait until you’ve been managing for 20 years without winning anything of note before you have the cheek to challenge me,” saying that while Silva is a good coach, he lacks the experience that comes with having a long-term career without any discernible success.

“He likes to run his mouth, but when you look at his career all he’s done is get Hull relegated, get Estoril up and in Europe, win the cup with Sporting and win the Greek league with Olympiakos. Sure, he’s tasted success, but has he got the experience of coaching in Ireland or Notts County? Of course he doesn’t. It’s just typical of these foreign lads, they win a few things in the space of a couple of years and think they can compete with the big boys who’ve won absolutely nothing.”