Man who once eye-gouged opposing coach hits out at rivals for lack of sportsmanship

Describing it as the most disgraceful display he’s seen during his time in the game, a man who once eye-gouged an opponent has hit out at his local rivals for a lack of sportsmanship.

Speaking days after his Manchester United side were comprehensively beaten by city rivals Manchester City, Jose Mourinho hit out at Pep Guardiola’s side for what he described as their “distasteful” celebrations.

“It is absolutely hideous to see something like this. They beat us, and should be happy with that. But no, they have to rub it in our faces and show us total disrespect. Frankly, they have brought shame upon football,” said the Portuguese coach, who plunged his finger into the eye socket of the late Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova in 2011 during a match between the Catalan side and Real Madrid.

“There’s competitive spirit and there’s competitive spirit, but this is simply beyond the pale. I know that adrenaline was running high but there are certain things you simply don’t do when it comes to football.”