“I’m sick of it,” says Liverpool fan at trend of smaller teams daring to avoid getting battered at Anfield

Saying that it has taken all of his willpower to even watch such games in recent years, a Liverpool supporter branded smaller team as “shameful” for daring to avoid getting battered while playing at Anfield.

Speaking after the second home draw in a week for Jurgen Klopp’s side, Merseyside local Colin Pancreas hit out at the “dodgy tactics” of less technically-gifted sides who arrive at the stadium with the intention of conceding fewer than five or six goals.

“After watching the last couple of games I’m sick of it. These teams come up here to play us and don’t even try to extend themselves. They just sit back and defend Honestly, they should be ashamed,” said the 29-year-old, before adding that it was no surprise such teams languished at the middle and bottom of the table when they weren’t even prepared to allow teams worth hundreds of millions to play at full flow.

“What does it say about their ambition that they come to one of the best teams in the league and try to leave with a point? Where is the pride in that?! Even if they conceded loads of goals, at least they’d have the pride of knowing they tried to play. And deep down, isn’t that what football is about?”

At press time, Pancreas said that while he would hope that more small teams take an adventurous approach at Anfield, he would furious if Klopp’s team didn’t show a touch of pragmatism in the latter stages of the Champions League.