“Virgil van Dijk’s move shows real ambition,” says Liverpool fan who has called Coutinho a traitor twice already today

Saying that it was refreshing to see a player actually take control of his career trajectory, a Liverpool fan who has labeled Philippe Coutinho a traitor twice already today has praised the Reds’ new signing Virgil van Dijk for the ambition he has shown in leaving Southampton.

Speaking after the Netherlands international was officially confirmed as a Liverpool player in an €84 million move from the South coast, Merseyside local Kenny Breakfast – who has spent the entirety of the season bemoaning Coutinho’s disloyalty – waxed lyrical today about the single-minded focus with which the former Celtic player extricated himself from St. Mary’s.

“As a Liverpool fan I’m obviously happy to see Virgil join, but above all else it’s just great to see a player not be beholden to the club that owns him. Players are people, after all, and they deserve the right to choose where they ply their trade,” said the 29-year-old photographer who has sent Coutinho more than a dozen expletive-ridden tweets in the last two weeks alone over his request to leave Liverpool for Barcelona.

“I’m sure some Saints fans were annoyed about Virgil leaving, but players simply must think about themselves and their well-being. Their professional lives are short and anything can happen, so they have to make the most of their talent while they can.”