Liverpool fan grateful to Philippe Coutinho for giving 100% whenever he was occasionally bothered to do so

Admitting that it was difficult to see him go but he would always retain fond memories, a Liverpool supporter expressed gratitude to outgoing attacker Philippe Coutinho for always giving 100% whenever he was occasionally bothered to do so.

Speaking to media mere hours after the announcement that Barcelona and Liverpool had agreed a £142 million deal for the Brazilian, Reds fan Todd Brickman said that Coutinho’s constant commitment to giving his all when he wasn’t feigning injury in an attempt to force a move is something that will remain with him for a long time.

“It was no secret that he wanted to leave for Barcelona. But you can’t accuse him of not giving everything he had in the tank when he could actually be bothered to get up off his arse every now and then. We’ll never forget that,” said the supporter, adding that he will look back particularly fondly on the extended periods of time when Coutinho was too injured to play for the Reds only to bravely defy medical science and perform excellently for his nation, Brazil.

“Some players down tools completely when they want out. But he only did it when he really, really wanted to or when there was some cool event on in Brazil. You can’t put a price on that sort of dedication.”