‪Donald Trump mental stability in question yet again after US president claims Bergkamp goal against Newcastle was intentional

Fresh doubt was cast regarding the mental stability of US President Donald Trump today after quotes from a recent tell-all book about his presidency revealed his belief that Dennis Bergkamp’s 2002 goal against Newcastle was intentional.

The book in question, Fire and Fure by Michael Wolff, details 18 months spent around Trump and his team both prior to and after his US election win 2016, and has revealed a number of salacious details about his administration and personal quirks.

While much of its contents – from his relationship with his family to his willful ignorance regarding diplomacy – has left observers aghast, it is Trump’s apparently staunchly held belief that Bergkamp meant to score his famed goal at St. James’ Park more than 15 years that has left both critics and supporters worried.

“We knew there were going to be some uncomfortable revelations from this book, we expected it. We thought it might be something about an affair or his desire to launch a nuke. But you never expect to hear the president, or any elected official, say something so clearly false. It raises serious question marks about his ability to not only lead, but live independently,” said one Trump aide speaking on condition of anonymity, adding that the way the ball bounced off the former Arsenal man’s foot was proof that he didn’t mean it.

“Look, people say unusual things all the time, but if the leader of the free world believes that this obvious fluke was intentional, then we should be seriously concerned about his mental condition and the safety of our world.”

At press time, sources within the current administration revealed that a decision would soon be made over whether to trigger the 25th Amendment – which can allow Congress to oust a president deemed unfit to govern – after fresh details from the book claimed that Trump watches the Bergkamp goal on a loop while continually shouting encouragement.