“The Daily Mail’s politics and sports writing are totally separate entities,” says journalist who’s never experienced racism

Describing any and all criticism of the publication’s sporting coverage as “moot” and “uncalled for”, a sports writer who has never experienced racism today insisted that the Daily Mail’s politics and sports writing are totally separate entities.

Speaking shortly after he became the recipient of criticism for celebrating the newspaper’s world exclusive photographs of Philippe Coutinho on a plane, sports journalist Rick Mangoose – a man who has lived his life without once being affected by racist abuse – hit out at the “virtue signalers” of the world for equating the insidious bigotry of the Mail’s daily political coverage with its regular sports coverage.

“If you don’t like the publication, I don’t want to hear about it. These photographs are brilliant and very large, and it is rare for a publication to get this sort of access,” said the self-styled guardian of sporting purity who is believed to have many black friends, before laughing off claims that by entering the Daily Mail website he was indirectly supporting the extremist views published within.

“Has the Daily Mail stoked the fires of a new breed of racism and nationalism in Britain? Maybe, but surely that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the very large football pictures they produce. Yes, their political and sports journalists share the same building; yes, they are all paid by the same employer and yes, they probably socialise together. But honestly, if you cannot enjoy the Mail’s sports coverage without feeling bad for those whose lives are made worse by their front pages, there is something wrong with you.”

At press time, Mangoose revealed that while racism is vile and must be stopped, he would be a greater asset to the cause if he continued to occasionally write for and get paid by the Mail, rather than be on the outside looking in.