Mayor of Liverpool contacts police over penalty awarded in FA Cup Merseyside derby

The mayor of Liverpool contacted police this week and asked them to investigate whether the penalty awarded against Everton in the recent FA Cup third round Merseyside derby constitutes fraud.

Joe Anderson, elected mayor of the city since 2012 and a lifelong Toffees fan, initially raised the issue with the Football Association before reporting it to local police and Scotland Yard.

Speaking to media this morning, Anderson flatly rejected accusations of bias towards his team and insisted he would do the same had “that crowd of Red bastards” been treated “so unfairly”.

“As mayor of this great city I feel it is only appropriate that I report any and all cases of potential fraud to the authorities. As soon as the decision was made by the referee I knew that something seemed suspicious and I believe I am correct,” said Anderson, adding that while he was initially reluctant to contact police, Virgil van Dijk’s last-minute winner in the tie confirmed to him the need to do so.

“Had this game ended a draw I may never have reported it at all, but seeing those fuckers go up the other end and steal it left me with no other choice. Football is a game of physicality and competitiveness, so we can’t sit idly by when some soft Red decides to take a tumble.”

At press time, Anderson revealed that he would be re-watching the previous 40 Merseyside derbies for further suspicious decisions as part of his own personal investigation into the incident.