‪“Can a man not even enjoy some simple football satire without being told all races are equal?” asks racist

Saying that he had grown sick of the increased levels of social justice evident on the site, a racist Twitter user last night hit out at a moderately popular satirical football account for consistently trying to tell him that all races are equal.

Speaking in response to a TBN Sport article about pundit Paul Merson, Twitter user @rekon345 decried what he believes to be the website’s clear bias in favour of social justice and equality, and bemoaned the fact that a person with racist views such as his cannot simply enjoy football satire without having common human decency shoved down their throats by the “PC brigade”.

“This site used to be good. It joked about football and other things and was generally a good laugh. But then I noticed a disturbing trend. Its articles started to have clear messages like ‘racism is bad’ and ‘minorities are humans too’, and to be honest it was just sorta ruined for me,” said the social media user who regularly retweets alt-right propaganda, adding that it was during this shift that he began to wonder if there would ever be a place for bigots to enjoy content free of political and social messages he disagrees with.

“Is it too much to ask that I be allowed to enjoy some occasionally funny sports writing which also reinforces white supremacy on all levels? You know, something about how Pep Guardiola is a fraud and all migrants are scum, or how Barcelona’s players don’t pay their taxes and homosexuals should be murdered, that sort of thing.”