‪“At least one Manchester club has a bit of sense with money,” says fan of team which has spent £720m over the past five years ‬

Stating that he was proud to see his club show a little class compared to its neighbours, a supporter of Manchester City – a team which has spent more than £720 million over the past five seasons – welcomed his side’s refusal to match Manchester United’s bid for Alexis Sanchez as proof that at least one team in the city has some sense with its money.

Reacting to reports that Jose Mourinho’s side had overtaken City in the race to sign Arsenal’s want away striker, 23-year-old Ernie Chomp admitted that he was disappointed to see his club’s rivals lower themselves in pursuit of success.

“Every team wants the best players and wants success, but does that really mean you have to spend such insane amounts of money? Wouldn’t that cash be better spent paying a nurse’s wages or something at least somewhat valuable?” pondered the man who supports a club which has spent approximately £130 million on full-backs in the last year alone.

“Thank God we have a manager who doesn’t just throw money at a problem. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for that lot across the city.”