Naby Keita signs new RB Leipzig contract after hearing “We Got Salah” song

Saying that he could not in all good conscience join a club with such a fanbase, Naby Keita reportedly signed a new contract with RB Leipzig today after watching an Irish Liverpool fan’s rendition of a new chant entitled “We Got Salah”.

The chant, written by a man who describes himself as “Cork’s biggest Liverpool fan”, has gone viral in Ireland and England and seen the fan in question appear on both radio and television programs.

This widely positive reception was not matched by Keita however, who – according to sources in Germany – immediately reneged on his agreement with Liverpool before signing a new six-year deal with his current side.

Speaking today, a disappointed Keita admitted that his decision – which is believed to have shocked insiders at Anfield – had nothing to do with the club itself, and was solely due to “this awful, awful song”.

“This is very disappointing for me. I had an agreement with Liverpool and was very excited to join the club. I’ve even spent the last few week on social media seeing what the fans are like, and they seemed really cool, until I came across ‘it’,” said the former Salzburg player, adding that while he could only bring himself to watch 20 seconds of the song before bursting into tears, he immediately knew he could no longer go through with the agreed move.

“As soon as I saw it, I knew the move was off. If Liverpool have fans like this, then I simply cannot be a part of whatever it is they’ve got going on over there. It is unnatural, it is wrong and, yes, even evil. If I never see it or that team again I’ll be very happy.”

At press time, Liverpool officials were trying to have the video removed from the internet to prevent other prospective signings from ever seeing it again.